LED Custom Foam Sticks

Add LED Custom
Foam Sticks

Light up your next event with our Custom Led Foam Party Sticks. This addition always gets the party started. We can add your names on the sticks, so your guest can keep this as a keepsake and remember your event for years to come. 
These are great choices for the fourth of July, Valentine’s Day,  wedding parties, children’s adult birthday parties, concerts, bars, sports events, carnivals, and various festivals. Our Foam sticks are reliable and eco-friendly and are easy to operate. Just press the button and you will see flashing and alternative flashing, switching to your favorite modes for a different joyful experience. 
The LED Foam Light Stick contains 3 batteries per piece, can last 6-8 hours, make your party last longer.  Sticks come in 50 or 100 pieces. 

**Speakers are subject to extra charge if needed based on original package.