Texture Light Rentals

textured lights

$200 EACH Light | $300 for a 2 LIGHT COMBO

Transform your occasion with our texture lighting. Ceiling and wall texture effects are excellent in high ceiling venues and tents. They provide a way to add depth and texture to space. Using our texture lights will transform your regular venue into an ample space with beautiful illuminations of patterns and lights. Texture lights can cover 10ft to 30ft wide, dependent on beam angle, and are ideal for tall ceilings or tented areas.

With our texture lights, you can pick something unique to suit your venue. Our lighting patterns include stars, trees, elegant flowers, holiday images, and abstract art. Essentially, we have something unique for any occasion. You can even stamp your special day with our texture lights. Be confident that you will have the most impressive venue once you use our texture lights.

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People can book up texture lights very quickly. That’s why you should book early to ensure you don’t struggle to find texture lights in the last minutes. Our customer care representative is ready to help you with the booking process.

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Texture Lights Rentals