P e r f o r m e r s


One of the unique components that sets Beat Fleet apart from any other entertainment company is our experienced hosts. Each host has a background in performance and/or public speaking ability. You can tailor their engagement level by choosing the amount and degree of interaction, announcements, and games to perform during the event. Your host is responsible for informing, facilitating, and instructing special events for your guests, and communicating with your coordinator throughout the night. Consider them your engagement expert; your event’s personality.


Best DJ Services for All Hosts

Our team comprises the best experts in the entertainment field. We’re personable, prompt, presentable, and professional. Whether you have an old or young audience, you will have a highly skilled professional Host & DJ tandem to make all the announcements and play the right music to get your guest engaged and up on the dance floor.

Our ability to cater to all hosts’ needs has made us the leading DJs in Sacramento, California. We have worked with many individuals and companies. Whether you’re a celebrity, a high-profile brand, or a small company, we have a perfect DJ service for you. Just share the details of your event with us, and we will provide a service that will make it stand out. Our customer care representative is always available.

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